Harmony working with Specialist Builders

Here at Harmony Timber we work in partnership with our customers to provide solutions for intricate timber frame housing projects utilizing our experience and knowledge of products within the market.

Our flexibility and ethos allow us to work with varying types of projects of any scale. We always ensure the products we supply are to the highest standard without compromising your project timetable and budget.

We believe in a hands on approach with all customers and will set aside time to meet and discuss their requirements. We have developed bespoke timber frame wall systems for our different client needs and are able to provide a non-biased opinion regarding insulation, air tightness and other specialist products. We are also able to use our knowledge and experience from “Eco” and “Passive” buildings to ensure that our clients receive an unrivaled product, service and customer care.

The unique timber frame wall systems we have designed provide multiple benefits to our customers and will reduce the requirement for other subcontractors on site by combining multiple products into one single timber frame wall system. Our new timber frame wall systems have been designed to utilize varying quantities of insulation and air tightness products. This enables our customers to benefit from a single timber frame wall unit that combines the best options of insulation and air tightness quantities and products. Our three unique timber frame wall systems can be tailored to each individual customers requirements and with new timber frame systems becoming available as technology and products advance. These unique timber frame wall systems exceed the building regulations but provide a high quality cost effective solution.


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