Timber Roof Trusses

 Roof Trusses

Timber Roof Trusses by Harmony Timber Solutions – Sustainable Engineering with Timber

Harmony Timber Solutions’ timber roof trusses (or trussed rafters) provide a structured framework to support the roof fabric, ceilings and/or floors.

We can provide roof trusses for any project in Ireland, including extensions, new builds, residential developments and commercial projects.

The timber roof trusses are individually designed components made from strength graded timber joined together with steel nail plates and use 40% less timber than traditional cut and pitched roofs. In fact, timber trussed rafters are now used within 95% of new build roof structures.

The flexibility of roof trusses is undoubtedly what sets them apart from other methods of construction in this area. Our modern design software allows the roof trusses to be designed for virtually any roof shape.

From the simplest of gable structures to the most complicated of “room in the roof” attic rooms, trussed rafters are able to offer a fully engineered, cost effective solution to almost any roof.

“Room in the roof” type attic trussed rafters are becoming increasingly popular, as they are the most economical solution to adding rooms to your new home. They can increase the habitable area by up to 40% at very little extra cost to the overall roof. Timber ‘Attic’ style roof trusses can be combined with open metal web joists (Posi Joists) to allow for additional strength and greater space for services to be run through.

Prefabricated trussed rafters also have distinct advantages over traditional cut roofs by being able to clear greater spans without the need for additional supports. This gives more solutions for modern buildings and current demands. This also can have the benefit of reducing the need for high level steels or other structural supports therefore reducing on site risk and greater monetary savings.


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